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dappOS AMA Recap

dappOS is an operating protocol that manages crypto infrastructures for users. On Wednesday 30th of November, Darren Mayberry, Ecosystem Lead…

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AshSwap AMA Recap

AshSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) following the stable-swap model on the Elrond blockchain. On Wednesday 12th of October, Nate,…

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XDAO is a multichain DAO builder for jointly managing crypto assets and DeFi projects. On Monday 3rd of October,  Zurab,…

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Walken AMA Recap

Walken connects real-life sports activities with online gaming and earning crypto. Users can walk more to enter Battle games with…

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Corite AMA Recap

On April 8th, 2022, Emelie Olsson and Sophie Wallmark, Co-Founder and Fan Campaign Manager of Corite respectively, joined us in…

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Label AMA Recap

LABEL is an NFT copyright fee-sharing platform that aims to break down high barriers to existing content production and investment….

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